About Us

So who are we?

For as long as I remember I have always been hands on in the world of handmade! I grew up along side my amazing mum who taught me everything I do today!

Fast forward to 2015, I fell pregnant with my first baby - Ava. 

While we were over joyed with having a baby - the next most exciting part is of course - decorating the nursery! So the journey began!​

My best friend had this crazy idea to create a business page for me and it seemed fitting at the time to use both of our little girls names. Hence the business name Ava & Harper. 

What started as a hobby while I was pregnant turned into decorating my friends babies rooms - gifting my creations for special occasions and then -  THIS!

2019 - I'm now a proud mumma to another little princess, Sophie. After taking some time off to focus on my new little family, we are now ready to get stuck back into creating some magic for your little ones space!


I hope my passion for creating shines through when you receive your products!


Tara x