Wooden Birth Banner


Tasmanian Wood Birth Banners!


How amazing are these gorgeous fabric and wooden birth banners. 100% handmade, these beauties are now available for purchase.

Choose from 21 colour choices and 12 image choices to complete your custom look banner!

They are finished off top and bottom with a Tasmanian Oak wood & of course a hanging string. They measure a very generous size, approx. 25cm x 25cm.

Please ensure you leave all details required on your banner in the notes section when checking out.


1. Rainbow

2. Cloud.

3. Heart

4. Floral

5. Vine

6. Leaves

7. Koala

8. Dinosaur

9. Butterfly

10. Elephant

11. Truck

12. Hot Air Balloon

13. Paper Plane

14. Arrow5

Please ensure you leave a note of the image you would like on your birth banner along with the details below.

The details we require are:

1. Image choice for under the name 

2. Childs Name

3. Birth date

4. Birth Weight (kg/lbs/grams is fine)

5. Birth TIme

6. Birth Length

If you prefer less information on your banner i.e. just the birth dat, can you please make a note of this in the notes section so i know not to chase up the missing information.